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Linda Tholl is a local Saskatchewan photographer who enjoys capturing the heart and soul of what she sees through her camera lens.  She thrives while taking in the breeze of the wind, the feel of her feet on the earth, the total serenity of being encased by the sea, the dance of the flame.


Linda creatively captures the essence of the elements.  Holding, for a brief moment in time, the interchange of light and form. 


With the goal of experiencing as much of the world as possible to embrace the vastness of our Earth, Linda’s journey has taken her to the Himalayas, the Caribbean, the Prairies, the Highlands, the Festivals, the Forests, the Cities, the Islands, the Deserts, the Mainlands and the ancient Ruins.


In addition to her passion for photography and travel, Linda has experienced the

world through the lens of her Scuba mask (truly her favourite way to experience this world), through the breezy descent of her parachute, through the notes from her guitar and through the laughter and tears of friends and family.


Experience the world, one brief moment at a time, as seen through Linda’s lens.